Ivor Paanakker's work has a unique signature look, easily recognizable by it's strong concepts, picturesque lighting and a great eye for location. Though he is not afraid to cross the lines between fashion and art, his style can be employed for both commercial and editorial work.

Could you describe your style ?
- Dreamy with a raw edge. I try to transport people to a different place by creating a strong ambiance, using elaborate settings or just the right lighting (or lack thereof). It's not necessarily stories that are played out in my photography, but rather a built up atmosphere.

What is your main characteristic ?
- Passion and perseverance I'd say, the willingness to take things just that little bit further than most people would. This, in terms of both inscenation and subject matter in photography, but also as a more general view of life.

What is your vision of the nude in photography, and how do you use it ?
-The nude, to me, conveys the overal feeling or concept that lies behind a project, it is not necessarily the subject itself but rather a beautiful tool and therefore as fashionable as a stunning dress would be. There is only a fine line between my fashion and my nude photography, as I think both are equal parts of the same overal spirit in my work.

Ivor did win a second prize _Press Fashion Pro_ @ Prix de la Photographie Paris, besides several honorable mentions @ Prix de la Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards